RankMath SEO Business Genuine License $15/year


  • You will receive genuine RankMath Business activation on your domain.
  • You can compare the RankMath Pro vs Business plans here.
  • The official price is $199
  • Domain = 1 Website
  • Validity = 1 year

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Rank Math is the swiss army knife of SEO tools for WordPress. It gives you complete control over your entire website’s on-page SEO.

You will get RankMath SEO Business Genuine License installed on your website.

RankMath Business plan price: $199 per year (ex VAT)

See the official pricing: https://rankmath.com/offer/

Compare FREE – PRO & BUSINESS plan: Click here


  • You will be able to track not 10,000 but 20,000 keywords for your website. That’s certainly hell of a thing :D


  1. First, you have to make the payment.
  2. After the successful payment just send an email to [email protected] with your WordPress admin login details (you can create a temporary admin login) so I can log in to your WordPress website and connect your website with RankMath Business licensing. We will confirm when your work is done.
  3. After your work is done you should remove the temporary credentials of your website that were shared with me.


  1. RankMath SEO Business Genuine licensed website.
  2. You will receive direct updates of RankMath whenever a new version releases, no need to rely on other sources.
  3. Your Business license will last for 1 year, if you’d like to continue after that then you can purchase again after that period. Even if you don’t renew later you’ll be able to continue using the Business license benefits, but you won’t receive an update after 1 year if you don’t renew.


  1. Once I’m done with activation on your domain, there won’t be any refund for any reason (better not to play over-smartness tricks with me please), so please set your mind before buying.
  2. If I don’t activate the license on your domain within 24 hours from your payment (including your payment confirmation over a private message), you’ll get a full refund. But such delay would not happen.

POINT TO NOTE: If you by mistake disconnect the licensed domain in RankMath settings or reset your WordPress, then no need to worry. Unless 1 year completes I will just re-connect the activation back to your domain where we made activation earlier. You just need to send an email to [email protected]


  • You are advised not to disable any free/pro plugin. RankMath pro/business subscription works on connection status basis, so if you disable the pro plugin (even disabling the free plugin will automatically disable the pro plugin as free one is required by the pro plugin to run) or free plugin then the Business activation will be disconnected as well.
  • So, please keep in mind not to disable any of the free or pro plugin to keep the business subscription connected
  • Yes, I will proceed the re-activation in case you loss activation (by accidentally disabling the plugin or reset your WordPress website, but keep it mind if you continuously do these I won’t be re-working again & again for such issues caused by you, so I will be only re-connect your website to business subscription upto 3 – 4 times* only. (*there can be some exception as well, if I’m available then I will do the re-activations on same domain for more times instantly)
  • Please be noted, for this you have to reply me back to the same conversation where we started the payment and activation related communications.
Yes, certainly. Till 1 year from the date of first-time activation.
Yes, that’s possible since it’s only counted as single domain and RankMath supports multisite activations.


  1. Hitman

    I need RankMath SEO lifetime account. Do you have any lifetime deal?

    • Besto

      Sorry, we don’t have any lifetime deal for RankMath SEO yet.

  2. David Adedeji

    RankMath -how many domains can I instal for $15

    • Besto

      Per domain $15
      Domain = 1 Website
      Validity = 1 year

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