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Ignore keyword research.

This is the future of SEO.

This game-changing technique will save you time while giving your writing genuine quality and breadth — and an endless supply of topics for your niche.

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Persona SEO eBook + Video

Ignore keyword research by Chad Thiele

Chad Thiele is the founder of AI Content Dojo and a guy with lots of experience in this field. Personally, I´ve never seen this approach in all my 5+ years working as an SEO Consultant and I found it VERY interesting.

Solve your reader’s problems, solve your Google problems.

Persona SEO is about staying relevant and creating content that not only ranks well in Google but is actually popular with your audience. It passes that “high-quality original content” bar Google seeks.

We’ve seen AI writing tools spring up that have empowered new writers to flood into the online writing space. But you can easily defeat this new competition when you pay attention to the most crucial element — the one they are in too big of a rush to think about.

The most exciting part about this technique is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or a large investment. You can get started immediately and reap the benefits now.


If you´re a blogger or someone who writes content for blogs, this is something you should def consider as it offers a completely different approach to the traditional “buyer persona” or “ideal customer” process.

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