Github Student Developer Pack

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Github Student Developer Pack

Most of the professional-grade software comes at a cost that, almost all the students in this world can’t afford, this is where GitHub Education comes into the picture. GitHub Education is a platform which offers students real-world experience with free access to various developer tools. So what all do you get for free in GitHub Education?

Github Student Developer Pack

There is a range of software and learning tools one can get for free with GitHub Education, a list has been linked here.

$22 / 1 year of subscription


I will usually deliver within 5 hours. However, it may take up to 24 hours depending on my availability. Please consider that there may be a timezone difference between you and me and I may not be online all the time.

– I will refund upon request if the delivery takes more than 24 hours.
– No refunds after a working account is delivered

There will be no guarantee once the account details are sent. When it comes to Github, it is very hard to detect the root cause of account closures/bans. People violates the Terms of Service of Github and then ask here for a refund. Even though the accounts I provide are solid and working 100%, I don’t provide any guarantee.

– All acoounts are geniune. No cracked, hacked or stolen accounts are sold here. There are also no stolen or generated credit cards used also.
– Accounts details like Id, mail addresses and passwords are randomly generated. They belong to no one and will be used only one time.


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